Patricia Enriquez, MA, CRC
CEO & President, NYCEDA, LLC
Currently, Director, of Project Development and Grants NYCEDA

Sandy Starr, MS
Senior Associate, NYCEDA, LLC
Currently, Senior Operations Coordinator, Recreation Consumer Office, Mount Sinai Medical Center, NYC

Irene Pappas, RN
Vocational Consultant for NYCEDA

Caroline Waterman, MA, LCRC

Vocational Consultant for NYCEDA
Founder Waterman Consulting and Coaching

Valerie Kameya, MA, PMP
Interactive Consultant for NYCEDA
Currently, Digital Consultant at

Karen Sullivan, BA
Social Media Outreach Specialist for NYCEDA
Formerly, Senior Accountant, Eisner Amper LLP, NYC
Currently, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, Boom Fitness, Inc., NYC