Health Providers

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What we do:

one to one vocational services assistance

vocational rehabilitation therapy

vocational treatment

vocational evaluation

case management services

educational counseling

job placement services

job training

internship services

career assistance

school assistance

Who to refer:

Patients in need of assistance in applying for school.

Patients in need of assistance applying to ACCES-VR NYS vocational rehabilitation office or DVR New Jersey Vocational Rehabilitation, or any of these offices in all 50 states.

Disabled patients who need help navigating school and college accommodations.

Disabled patients who need help with career exploration.

How to refer:

Please download and complete the NYCEDA Health Provider Referral Form in PDF format or call (917) 658-6049 for assistance.


Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) (temp agency for the disabled)

Workforce 1

Civil Service jobs (city and state) and federal