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Diversity Initiatives

Anywhere diversity programs exist for minorities, people of color, persons identifying as LBGT, martial status, religion, country of origin, etc…  I believe individuals with disabilities should be included in any diversity initiatives.   Often they are, but sometimes they are not.   Specifically my focus will be on diversity in the workplace.   I believe that an employer that hires a disabled job applicant is diversifying their workforce.

Join Our Business Network

Employers interested in joining our business network can assist with business advisory initiatives, business advisory meetings (on-line or in person) and offer employment opportunities to diverse job seekers.

For further details or contact: Patricia Enriquez, CRC, Director NYCEDA at (917) 658-6049.

Tax Incentives for Employers

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Tax Breaks for Hiring Veterans and Veterans with Disabilities:

New – Tax Break for Employers Who Hire Veterans: $2,400, $5,600 or $9,600 “VOW To Hire Heroes Act”


Tax Break Information for Hiring Job Seekers with Disabilities:


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Employer Services

Employee workplace accommodations

Accommodations as described in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1991

List of reasonable accommodations

How to avoid approving the wrong accommodations thus avoiding liability

Employer, provider and consumer consultation sessions

Staff workshops and trainings

Disability sensitivity training

Dispelling myths over hiring the disabled

Allowing accommodations in the workplace

Managing different learning styles in the workplace

Business advisory committee (BAC):

Business Advisory Committee is comprised of hiring managers, human resource representatives and recruiters from various industries.  There is an option for employers to join the BAC and an option for counselors/providers to request NYCEDA  services to establish a BAC for their agency.

Assistive technology

Worksite modifications

iCareerLive Meetings

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For more information call Patricia Enriquez, CRC Director NYCEDA at telephone number (917) 658-6049.