CEU’s for Certified Professionals 20% Off Using NYCEDA Affiliate Link


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March 12, 2012

Dear Certified Professionals and Students:

We are happy to include an  AAACEUS.COM affiliate link  on our website, which offers  a 20% DISCOUNT – as one of your continuing education options.

Our http://www.AAACEUs.com/nyceda portal offers a 20% discount over regular registration at AAACEUs.com.  Below is information about our custom link and instructions for students and certified professionals seeking CEU’s.  Please call me at telephone number 212.802.1443, if you have any questions.

Our custom affiliate link opens up to a registration page.   Students who have never taken classes with AAACEUs.com – will create an online account which will have the 20% discount programmed into the webpage.  Anyone can call AAACEU for help with registration at 1-866-850-5999.  Instructions for students who already have an account with AAACEUs.com and would like to join through NYCEDA’s affiliate link to obtain a 20% discount can do so – using the simple instructions below.

http://www.AAACEUs.com/nyceda (20% off all classes if you use this affiliate link – new and current AAACEUs.com registrants). 

This is also a helpful reminder to students that need to pursue their CEUs for re-certification.


Patricia Enriquez, CRC



NYCEDA is pleased to announce a partnership with AAACEUS.com to offer over 1600 hours of pre-approved continuing ed courses for certified rehab counselors, case managers, social workers, rehab managers and life care planners at a 20% Discount.  Over 600 hours of pre-approved CRC classes. The courses now being offered on the website are pre-approved and appropriate for Nurses, ACM, CCM, CRC, CDMS, CRRN, CMCN, COHN, CPUR, CPUM, CPHM, Social Workers (ASWB) and more.You can take online courses, and Home Study courses (with textbook). All course types can be taken easily and conveniently at anytime. Registration and testing are all done online and Certificates of Completion are immediately available upon passing the course exam and completing the Evaluation.  HOW TO JOIN USING THE AFFILIATE 20% DISCOUNT:FOR NEW STUDENTS to access AAACEUs.com with 20% Discount:    Click on the NYCEDA  custom link http://www.AAACEUs.com/nyceda GO TO:  Not Registered Yet? Register Here

  • Register / Log on (once Registered and logged on, you will be taken to YOUR ACCOUNT page).
  • View Course Catalog (click on SEARCH FOR COURSES button in top right corner)
  • Find desired course (click on COURSE OVERVIEW for more details about course)
  • Check course pre-approvals (If looking for Pre-Approved courses only, verify selected course is pre-approved for desired certification)
  • Click on TAKE COURSE NOW
  • Before starting to read course material, print off test (from YOUR ACCOUNT page)
  • Read course material and complete test as open book exam.
  • Call 1-866-850-5999 if you have ANY questions.

*IF YOU HAVE ALREADY TAKEN CLASSES with www.AAACEUs.com and have a current account:

Please use your  current user ID and password  to log in on the custom  link:  http://www.AAACEUs.com/NYCEDA 

1)      The link will take you to a login page –  GO TO:            

Already a Registered User?
User ID:

2)   Once you login the webpage will prompt you to join the NYCEDA Affiliate.

3)   Hit the “Please Add Me” button and your account will now reflect the 20% discount.                                


Course material can be read as many times as desired.  Course material can be read on the computer OR printed off and read offline.Tests can be re-taken as many times as necessary. If you don’t pass the test, the questions answered incorrectly are displayed on the screen – to re-take test, just use your BACK BUTTON to return to test, change the answers to those questions and re-submit test for grading. Repeat process until you pass.

Questions? Call AAACEUS.com Customer Support at: 1-866-850-5999


COVERS MANY CEU COURSES for the following Certified Professions:

Nursing AAACEUS.com is a continuing education provider recognized by all State Boards of Registered Nursing
Social Work ASWB — Association of Social Work Boards
Counselors NBCC — National Board Certified Counselors

ABVE American Board of Vocational Experts
Diplomates and Fellows
ACM Accredited Case Manager
CCM Certified Case Manager
CDMS Certified Disability Management Specialist
CRC Certified Rehab Counselor

CLCP Certified Life Care Planner
CMC Case Manager Certified (AIOCM)
CMCN Certified Managed Care Nurse
COHN Certified Occupational Health Nurse
CPUR Certified Professional Utilization Review
CPUM Certified Professional Utilization Management
CPHM Certified Professional Health Management
CRRN Certified Rehab Nurse