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The National Resource Directory  (NRD) is the leading online resource that connects wounded, ill and injured service members, veterans, their families and care providers to the information, services and support they need. It offers quick and easy access to a full range of medical and non-medical programs and resources available to America’s wounded warriors during their recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration. A model of inter-agency collaboration, the National Resource Directory is managed by the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs with support from the Department of Labor and other federal, state and local agencies and veterans service organizations.

The NRD has worked hand-in-hand with Google and leading national job boards to provide a Veteran Job Search capability that will enable Veteran job seekers to search based on keyword, location, or Military Occupational Code (MOC).  Using the MOC field, job seekers will be able to further customize their search criteria based on the Civilian Equivalents attributed to their MOC. The National Resource Directory has also developed a job widget that enables any website to easily embed a veteran targeted job search into their own site.

The National Resource Directory (NRD) is proud to support this important job search service for our Veterans. By integrating information technology and data from several Federal Agencies and the private sector in a reusable widget the NRD shows the power of collaboration, innovation, and the use of “light technology” and shared solutions to bring relevant services to our Veterans.

Quick hits…

1.    Veterans can find a new civilian job by entering one or more of the following and selecting [Find Jobs]:

a.    Keywords describing the new job you want

b.    Military Occupation Codes (MOC) or MOC Titles from your career serving our country

c.    a Location where you want to find your new job

2.    If you select a MOC, we will use the Department of Labor’s Military to Civilian Occupation Translator to help match military skills and experience to civilian occupations. You’ll be able to select those that best describe your new job.

3.    You can also limit the new jobs included to only those posted recently with the Posted feature.

4.    The jobs included are provided by organization’s supporting the Whitehouse’s Veterans National Employment Initiative and include jobs from thousands of organizations and locations around the country.  Each job posting has been designated as “Veteran Friendly” to help support your job search.